Race Rules (Covid 19)

Rule’s to help us all stay safe living alongside Covid 19

At this time events will be social distancing , with rostrum and time constraints we will be limited to 48 drivers per day split over the following classes 2wd, 4wd, truck (if numbers allow) and vintage (if numbers allow). The plan for the day is heats and finals of 6 due to rostrum size and current social distance rules,
Gates will open at 730,1 round of practice (in heat order) to start at 9 am followed by 3 rounds of qualifying and 3 legged finals for all.
With the currect covid government and brca guidelines in mind, as well as what we have seen from other regions events, the following rules will be put in place:

1: The event is pre book and prepay only, £10 for 1 class, £15 for 2 (a second class will only be allowed if there is a space and it doesnt take a place away from a single class racer). once you have booked les will forward you the paypal for payment, your entry will not be confirmed untill correct payment is received Camping is also available at a charge of £5, again this must be prepaid. To book in please send an email to barhamoffroad@hotmail.com with the following information,class, pt number, f rating and brca number.(the event will be based on f grades unless we know you are of a far better ability, please note if you are on your email)
As you arrive at the track you will be greeted at the gate to be ticked off the booking in list. We will check your pt number and make sure you have the correct ppe, you will then be directed to a pit space (we will try and get you all together, please let us know group size and amount of gazebos at booking in). Please leave a 1 metre space from track fencing when erecting gazebos for the marshall’s safety.

2: Facemasks must be worn on the rostrum. If you have a medical reason not to wear a mask, then booking in must be told and a full face shield may be used. This is only an option if you have an existing condition, all others must wear a mask.

3: You must supply your own high vis vest and work gloves for marshalling duties, these are available from Carly or companies like screwfix etc. Please also bring your own hand gel, wipes and bin and take your litter home. The club will not clear up after you in the current climate.

4: Current social distancing rules allows 2 separate households to both use 1 gazebo. Although personally I would prefer 1 family per gazebo, should you choose to make it 2 households then social distancing is your own responsibility. Remember we are all trying to go home safe from a days racing so please be sensible, if you are unsure then please ask.

5: Please be ready 5 mins before your race, the computer will be on automatic. .Line up in number order 1-6 and only stand in your numbered box on (broken cars to be brought over by a leaving marshal),please leave your car alone at this time.
Leave the rostrum in reverse number order ie 6-1 do not walk behind racers who are still finishing.
Put your car and transmitter back on your own table and head straight out to marshall.
Anyone not following the above procedures or not wearing the correct ppe will be asked to leave with immediate effect (sorry but in the current climate we have to be strict with these rules).
Toilets will be available at the track. There will be sanitizer spray and wipes within the toilet. Please clean before and after use… Parents if your child
is using the facilities please ensure this is done.
Subject to numbers Carly will be supplying food at the event, and she will be taking pre-orders to help her carry the correct amount of food in the current situation, paypal payment accepted and recomended, carly will also have spare ppe should yours fail at the event
2wd, 4wd and trucks will run to the usual South East rules, vintage will run to the following:
Vintage Rules
We will be following a relaxed version of the iconic rules along with some additional South East rules to bring us inline with the epr vintage series.
Age limit of 1998 (nothing newer without prior permision).
Lipos allowed but 2S, and follow current brca rules (all hardcase and on the brca list)
Brushless 10.5 motor limit, but we are allowing turbo and boost (for those running brushed this is approx a 12×3)
No mid motor conversions (there have been a few conversions but this opened up a huge can of worms at a recent event so all mid motor conversions have been banned)
Cat XL2wd is allowed as was a released car at the time rather than conversion or modern conversion (see spirit of the rules below. We all know mid motors were not around
back then and were not used)
No big bore shocks (not within the spirit of the sport as were never available back then…)
Slippers and pro transmisions allowed (although not available for a lot of cars, we feel this will help keep drivetrains in one piece and promote reliable racing)
Modifications to be within the spirit of the sport (a grey area but covers us for something that we feel is cheating or outside what is considered ok)